Adolescent Girls are Busy with Art

Adolescent Girls are Busy with Art

Location: Camp-4, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar

Donor: Maiya School, Australia

Project Title: Continue Adolescent Learning Center in FDMN Community and Livelihood Support in Host Community

Project Period: July 2023 to June 2024

Rohingya parents do not allow their girls at the age of above 12 years to go to learning centers in Rohingya Camps. As a result, rate of girls drop out seriously increased in the whole education system at the above level of grade-2. PRANTIC and other development organizations were facing serious problem in finding a female teacher from Rohingya Community. At this context, the both co-founders of Maiya School, Australia namely Philippa Nelson and Dayna Santana had a meeting with the PRANTIC staff in December 2022. After having a long discussions, PRANTIC and Maiya School decided to pilot an adolescent school only for girls. PRANTIC has developed a women friendly environment in the Learning Center through recruiting only female teachers and restricting male to the center. The project delivered school bags, scarf and mid-day snacks to attract the adolescents to attend the school. Gradually the parents felt confident to send their girls to this center. PRANTIC is now planning for another Adolescent centers to accommodate more girls interested to attend.

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