210 Orphan Children Received Food Support

210 Orphan Children Received Food Support

Project Title: Basic need, Education, Nutrition, Clean Water and Health Support (BENCH)

Location: Nilphamari Sadar, Saidpur and Domar under Nilphamari District; Rangpur Sadar and Badargonj under Rangpur District; Dinajpur Sadar, Parbotipur and Chirir Bandar under Dinajpur District,

Period: Continued from 2020

Funded by: OBAT Canada

This project provides monthly food packages for 200 orphan children for 12 months living in Saidpur, Nilphamari. Each food packet contains 13 Kg Rice, 5 kg flour, 2.5 kg Chickpea, 1 kg pulse, 1 kg Sugar and 2 liter Soyabean oil.

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