PRANTIC is Conducting Learning Centers​ in Camp-4

PRANTIC is Conducting Learning Centers​ in Camp-4

Name of Project: Continue Health, Education and Livelihood Project (HELP) in FDMN and Host Community (11th Phase) in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar

Name of Donor: OBAT Canada

Project Period: Since 2018.

Target beneficiaries: Children aged 4 to 12

Number of Learning Center at present under this project: 5

Location: Camp-4, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar

Education plays a key role in every child’s development but it becomes even more crucial in a humanitarian context. Rohingya children face an uncertain future which can lead to frustration and despair. Without adequate opportunities for learning, they are more exposed to dangers of trafficking, child marriage, exploitation and abuse. Education helps to empower, builds confidence and equips children with appropriate skills they need for the future. With the right investment in education, Rohingya children can begin to chart their own destinies and contribute more to their communities. Therefore, PRANTIC, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and financial supports of OBAT Canada, is now implementing the 11th Phase education project to ensure that Rohingya children and adolescents achieve their full potential. PRANTIC has been conducting Learning Centers in Rohingya Community since 2018.

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