BDT 1000 for Each of the 318 Orphan Families in Saidpur

BDT 1000 for Each of the 318 Orphan Families in Saidpur

Project Title: Basic need, Education, Nutrition, Clean Water and Health Support (BENCH)

Location: Nilphamari Sadar, Saidpur and Domar under Nilphamari District; Rangpur Sadar and Badargonj under Rangpur District; Dinajpur Sadar, Parbotipur and Chirir Bandar under Dinajpur District,

Period: Continued from 2020

Funded by: OBAT Canada

This project will address 33,594 distressed and marginal people living in 8 subdistricts under 3 districts. There are two schools under this project. One is “OBAT Back to School” established for the dropped out students from class 6. The other is “Tutorial School” for the working children. Both the school is located in Saidpur. Besides, the project aims to ensure clean water and proper sanitation to 2050 families , Eye Sight restoration for 2510 individuals, regular food package to 2000 orphans and 500 displaced and marginal Families, maternity care for 250 women, enrolment of 250 working children through tutorial classes, free medicines to 8814 individuals, mainstreaming 180 children through conducting back to school, Food and meat distribution to 9,400 selected individuals, and enrolment of 150 kids to Arabic learning.

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