Climate Smart Agriculture​ in Bhasan Char

PRANTIC recognizes the pivotal role that the environment plays in the lives of rural communities, particularly in Bangladesh where vulnerability to flooding, cyclones, and rising sea levels poses significant challenges. In light of this, PRANTIC is committed to promoting sustainable resource management practices that enhance the livelihoods of marginalized populations.

To address issues such as salinity and drought, PRANTIC actively promotes the adoption of vermi and quick composting techniques among farmers. Additionally, PRANTIC organizes training sessions, demonstrations, and meetings with farmers to encourage the use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides at the field level, thereby fostering environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Notably, PRANTIC has identified certain plots, including G-1, GP-3, and GP-4, as crucial mangrove forests. Unfortunately, these forests are under threat due to the activities of Rohingya people, who are cutting down trees for various purposes, including supporting climbing vegetables and obtaining fuel wood once LPG gas cylinders are depleted.

Mangrove-friendly climber vegetable in Bhasan Char

In response to this threat, PRANTIC has undertaken a proactive initiative on Bhasan Char to protect the mangrove forests from Rohingya encroachment. This initiative involves the installation of barbed wire fencing around the forests and the cultivation of horizontal vegetables at the base of each tree. By adopting this innovative approach, PRANTIC aims to safeguard the mangrove trees while simultaneously promoting agricultural productivity, ensuring a sustainable coexistence between communities and the environment.

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