Quick Compost: A Best Solution for Bhasan Char

Project: Smart Agriculture

Location: GP-3, Bhasanchar Hatiya, Noakhali

Quick compost, so far, considered as the best solution of salinity reduction in Bhasan Char. It not only reduce salinity but also acts as a best solution of nutrient supply for vegetable and fruit production. PRANTIC used saw-mill-dust, cow-dang and oilcakes to produce quick compost in Bhasan Char. Production of quick compost is costly because all the ingredients except cow-dung are to be collected from the outside of this island that incurs excessive carrying expenses in comparison to the other part of the country. Cow-dung in Bhasan Char is also saline owing to the fact that cows live on saline foliage growing in Mangrove forest. Literally, poultry and livestock drops can be used instead of cow-dang but it needs more experiment to be confirmed. It is expected that proper support to produce quick compost might initiate organic farming in Bhasan Char.