Toilet Repair under SWASH

Project Title: Subarnachar Water, Sanitation and Health Hygiene (SWASH)

Location: Subarnachar Upazila, Noakhali District

Funded By: OBAT Canada

Repair and renovation of unusable toilet is one of the 5 components of the above project. It aims to repair a total of 75 damaged toilets for 75 distressed and climate victim families to allow them to use toilets at any period of time. Previously, these people were not in a position to provide fence and roof of their toilet. The male member of the family used to use clothes/gummy bags to cover the toilet to make a better use of it. However, the female members were using these toilets at night. Family members couldn’t use these toilets during the rain. PRANTIC renovated these toilets and provided fence and roof to make use of it at any period of time or at any season.