We have been supporting two types of orphans in our project area. One is Orphan children living in their relatives after loosing their parents. The other is orphan family who are living with very subsistence income loosing their father who was the only sources of income. The project targeted a total of 300 orphan children this year but started to address 200 orphans at this moment. In addition to receive monthly food support every month such as 13 Kg Rice, 5 kg flour, 2.5 kg Chickpea, 1 kg pulse, 1 kg Sugar and 2 liter Soyabean oil, they also receive all education costs and free health facilities from the project clinic located in Saidpur. The project has a target to address 500 orphan families but started with 320 families primarily at the beginning of the year 2024. Depending upon the availability of funds with the donor, the support will be increased later. PRANTIC has been continuing this program since 2020.

Project Title: Basic need, Education, Nutrition, Clean Water and Health Support (BENCH)

Location: Nilphamari Sadar, Saidpur and Domar under Nilphamari District; Rangpur Sadar and Badargonj under Rangpur District; Dinajpur Sadar, Parbotipur and Chirir Bandar under Dinajpur District,

Period: Continued from 2020

Funded by: OBAT Canada

rphans in Saidpur Upazila of Nilphamari district.