Medical Clinic in Saidpur Under BENCH

Project Title: Basic need, Education, Nutrition, Clean Water and Health Support (BENCH)

Location: Saidpur under Nilphamari District.

Funded by: OBAT Canada

Project period: January 2024 to December 2024

Description: Prantic Unnayan Society (PRANTIC) has been conducting a medical clinic for the marginalized and displaced people living in Saidpur since 2020. The clinic is conducted by a team composed of two physicians (Male & Female), a pharmacist, an assistant pharmacist and an administrator in a rented building in the municipal area in Saidpur, Nilphamari. This clinic aims to provide free prescription, free treatment and medicines to a total of 8,640 patients during this project period . Clinic starts at 2.30 PM and closes at 8.30 pm. Targeting to provide health services to 30 to 35 patients per day and 6 days/week. All patients get medicines at 50% discount. 40 vulnerable NCD patients who needs regular medicines get free. About 10-12 patients receive free medicines every month in consideration to the decision from clinic administrators