Maternity in Ukhiya under HELP

Name of Project: Continue Health, Education and Livelihood Project (HELP) in FDMN and Host Community (11th Phase) in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar

Name of Donor: OBAT Canada

Project Period: Since 2018.

Location: Camp-4, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar

PRANTIC has been conducting a maternal unit within the medical clinic in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar. Our dedicated team, comprising a midwife, a medical officer, and several triages are committed to continue a comprehensive maternal and child health services to the FDMN females. In addition to Antenatal Care (ANC), Postnatal Care (PNC) and family planning services, we offer a wide range of essential healthcare provisions to ensure the well-being of the adolescent girls and female youths in Camp-4. These are urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted diseases and irregular menstrual bleeding management. Since inception in 2018, so far we have served 21,987 patients, with 3,518 adolescents (aged 10-19 years) and 18,469 adults (aged 20 years and above). Our commitment of ensuring health and well-being of every individual knows no bound. In times of emergency, we have the arrangement to handle normal vaginal deliveries (NVD) with the aid of ultrasound and doppler machines, ensuring the safest possible outcomes for both mother and baby. We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the Rohingya people. We are expressing our gratitude firstly to OBTA Helpers USA, secondly to Bee Humble for their support to build an identical unit within this renounced Health Post. Finally, we are expressing our gratitude to OBAT Canada for their present independent support to make this Maternity Center as an identical one. Together, we’re making a difference.