Prantic Unnayan Society (PRANTIC), established as a nonprofit organization committed to fostering development and upholding human rights, has been actively engaged in advocating for marginalized communities since its inception in 1998. Over the years, PRANTIC has implemented a range of initiatives aimed at promoting good governance and safeguarding the fundamental rights of vulnerable populations.

At the core of PRANTIC’s mission are targeted interventions designed to empower communities and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to assert their rights effectively. Through initiatives such as community mobilization and leadership development, PRANTIC strives to unite individuals under their own leadership, fostering a sense of collective agency and empowerment.

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Furthermore, PRANTIC conducts educational programs and workshops to raise awareness among community members about their civic, legal, and constitutional rights. By enhancing knowledge and understanding, PRANTIC empowers individuals to navigate legal systems and advocate for their rights with confidence.

In addition to community-level interventions, PRANTIC places a strong emphasis on capacity building among key stakeholders, including elected women representatives in local government and rural arbitrators. By enhancing their capacity to participate in local governance and resolve disputes effectively, PRANTIC contributes to the strengthening of democratic processes and the rule of law.

Moreover, PRANTIC provides crucial legal aid and support to victims of rights violations, ensuring access to justice and redress for those in need. Through its legal assistance programs, PRANTIC strives to address systemic injustices and promote accountability within communities.

Furthermore, PRANTIC actively facilitates the formation of issue-based civil society forums, enabling communities to collectively address local challenges through advocacy and engagement with local authorities. Through these platforms, PRANTIC promotes dialogue, fosters collaboration, and advocates for policy changes that benefit marginalized populations.

Over the past eight years, PRANTIC’s impactful interventions have reached approximately 50,000 individuals across six Upazilas spanning five districts, including Noakhali, Khulna, Kusthia, Jhenaidah, and Chuaganga. Through its unwavering dedication and holistic approach to development, PRANTIC continues to be a catalyst for positive change in communities across Bangladesh.

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