PRANTIC, a dedicated NGO, has been at the forefront of responding to emergencies and providing vital support to distressed and marginalized families within its operational areas. From supplying essential food items such as rice, lentils, dry foods, water purifiers, oil, soap, washing powder, and potatoes, PRANTIC ensures that flood victims receive the sustenance they desperately need.

Moreover, the organization extends its assistance to fire victims, particularly within the Rohingya Camp, by offering cooked meals, food packages, and non-food items like utensils, bedding, pillows, buckets, mosquito nets, and clothing for children and women.

These critical emergency interventions are made possible through the generous funding support of PRANTIC’s existing donors. However, in instances where immediate action is required and funding is not readily available, PRANTIC utilizes its own resources to meet the urgent needs of affected communities, with the assurance of reimbursement from donors at a later stage. Through these efforts, PRANTIC remains committed to alleviating suffering and promoting resilience in vulnerable populations.

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