Deep Tube Well Under SWASH

Project Title: Subarnachar Water, Sanitation and Health Hygiene (SWASH)

Location: 4 unions namely Char Jabbar, Char Jubilee, Char Amanullah and Char Wapda under Subarnachar Upazila, Noakhali

Funded By: OBAT Canada

Installation of Deep Tube Well is one of the 5 components of the above project is aiming to install 10 Deep Tube with submersible pump system for 10 community based Mosques located in the target area. It is to be noted that this initiative supports climate victim communities to enjoy pure drinking water. It is also important to note that Subarnachar area is a saline zone which had emerged as char in 1959. There are different water levels in this area. One is at a depth of 800-1000. This layer is available in the most geographic locations in Subarnachar. PRANTIC also construct Ozukhana for the prayers coming to accomplish their prayers in Mosque.