January 23, 2021

Agriculture & Environment Program

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Prantic believes that environment plays a very significant and influential role on the livelihood of Prantic families living in rural areas owing to the fact that Bangladesh is very vulnerable to flooding and cyclones and it stands to be badly affected by predicted rises in sea levels.  Main objective of this program is to contribute to protect and conserve environment and nature, to get involved with any partnership aiming to conserve nature, promote sustainable resource management and contribute to the better livelihood of the communities.

Environment-Friendly Cultivation System in Areas Affected by Water Logging in Begumgonj Upazilla, Noakhali.

Prantic implemented this project with the funding support from Canadian Development Agency (CIDA) mainly to introduce environment friendly cultivation system in an area affected by water-logging and establish sharecroppers’ rights through organizing sharecroppers under federation at community level. During this three years project (2002-2005), we developed capacity and skills of sharecroppers through providing training and technical support to introduce environment friendly cultivation system in the locality. Prantic assisted them getting quality seeds from the government, provided power tiller at low cost to plough poor farmers’ land.


i) Organised about 1000 sharecroppers, marginal farmers, labourers who through a movement in Noakhali established their rights of two third share of the produce in about 170 acres (about 69 hectors) of cultivable lands.

ii) The farmers cultivated at least three crops in the project area.

iii) 25% farmers cultivated vegetable instead of paddy particularly in the winter season.

iv) Prantic conducted vegetable demonstration in 6.72 acres of lands. A total of 16 vegetable varieties were cultivated in the demonstration scheme. These are gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, ladies finger, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, arum, kolmee, tomato, chilli, eggplant, potato, bean and small cucumber.

v) This initiative created a significant impact in the area. Farmers are preparing themselves to cultivate vegetable in the coming season.

vi) the than honorable minister of agriculture visited the project and expressed his gratitude for implementing such successful project in the area, vii) Federation is expected to run their project with minimum support after the end of the project.

Green Energy

Prantic considers “light” as right of the marginal people who are deprived from national electricity. In order to provide “light” to the beneficiaries, Prantic has introduced two solar systems as described below:

Solar Home System

Different types and categories of solar home system have been introduced considering financial capacity of the beneficiaries. Despite not a partnership with Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) or with green financial support from Bangladesh Bank, Prantic has been conducting this program for the benefit of the beneficiaries. This program is very popular in Subarnachar upazila under Noakhali. Major portion of this geographic area is deprived from national electricity. Prantic sell solar home system in cash with minimum profit. In order to minimise cost, Prantic assembles solar home system through procuring equipment and parts from reliable source. Home systems are assembled by the experienced and interested staff of the society. No staff has been recruited under this program. Prantic provides loan to the beneficiaries to procure solar home system.

So far, Prantic sold a total of 23 solar home system in its working area.

10.5.1: Solar Irrigation

Considering need of the beneficiaries, Prantic is planning to introduce solar irrigation system particularly in Subarnachar area. Prantic recently procured 39 decimal lands in Subarnachar and planning to construct a residential training center in one part. Another part will be utilized to strengthen Green Energy Program. Soon after construction of office and training center, Prantic will reorganize this program to provide more service to the beneficiaries