January 23, 2021



Prantic Unnayan Society (Prantic) is being governed by its registered Memorandum of Association approved by the Societies Registration Act 1860, Office of the Registrar and Farms, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. This constitution has also been approved by NGO Affairs Bureau and Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA). According to the constitution, the General Body (GB) is the supreme authority of the organization. All policy level decisions like, goal, objectives, strategies, formation of Executive Committee  (EC), budget, backstop support and auditing are some crucial tasks of GB among the others. There are 11 members in the GB. In order to run and supervise organizational activities as per policy, GB elects a 7 member Executive Committee (EC) from among them.

Management System

As per Memorandum of Association, the Member Secretary plays the role of Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a top decision maker of Prantic management.  The ED/CEO is the Functional Chief of the organization. ED/CEO is appointed by the Executive Committee and responsible for administration and program implementation. H/she maintains liaison with GoB, NGOs, private agencies and donors and accountable to the Executive Committee for all day to day works. According to the organizational organogram, head office staffs like accountant, monitoring officer and service staff are accountable to ED/CEO. All program staffs are accountable to their respective line management, line managers are responsible to Program Coordinator(s), Program Coordinators are accountable to Program Head, and the Program Head is accountable to ED/CEO.

Area Manager oversees all programs and projects. There are technical supervisors to represent programs for example, School Supervisor for Education, Branch Manager for Micro-credit etc. Area Managers are directly accountable to Program Head however, also responsible to Program Coordinator ensuring quality of programs through carrying out day to day instructions from Program Coordinator. Prantic program structure is presented below.