March 7, 2021

RWAEA Resumes Today!

Rohingya Women and Adolescent Empowerment Association started their livelihood activities from today. RWAEA members were finding jobs in their center since August as they couldn’t manage capital accept a total of BDT 3497.00. They earned this money from BDT 10 donation from making each school uniform! They also earned a substantial amount of money from selling Chili (Naga Morich) and Papaya.

Thanks to Deepak bhai for his donation to make this happen. Thanks to Asima Tasnim Nandi and Tahmina Mira for their outstanding labor and effort to buy these cloths from Islampur Market, Dhaka and transporting those to Cox’s bazar.

Also thanks to Hasan, Animesh and Shankar for their sincere work to make all members united again under their own leadership.

Let us hope for the best.

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