March 7, 2021

Power and Leadership

Leadership and power are alike but not same. A leader might embark power but a powerful person may not be recognized as a good leader. Exercise of good leadership creates opportunity of avail power but a person might lose leadership after attaining power.

A leader need to explore new concept/idea/plan to his/r audience/ community/ target group. Experience shows that successful articulation and presentation of idea can attract at least 30-40% of the audience at first sight. many of this group act positively with convincing body language. At least 50% participants of this group show positive expression and commitment to get involved with the new idea or concept. About 55-65% participants remain silent but only 2-3% participants show negative attitudes/ response to the idea. The leader can easily bring more people from the silent group through implementation of effective work plan which should be a beneficial for the majority of the audience/community. Here benefit must’n be a financial one but it might be a common choice to be supported by the majority. A leader can maximize his/r number of supporters through fulfilling common demand of the audience/ society/ community. Such trend might also bring supporters even from the negative audience identified in the first sight. Despite such achievement, a leader can not reach to at least 2-5% with whom she/he need to be very diplomatic to compromise.

In contrary, a person with power intends to impose his/r plan/concept on the followers. They mostly do not like workers having different opinion. In reality, only the intellectual workers have the capacity to think in different way. They are mostly committed and attempt to think differently for the sake of the group/community/society. However, get detached owing to the fact that the person with power get influenced by some blind supporters who interpret the innovation as power conflict. As a result, workers with different opinion leave the group despite the increasing number of blind supporters with the power. As a result, all people follow their leader without having second though and attempt to maximize own benefit from the group. Conflict of benefit generates within very short period of time. Blind workers lack the capacity to provide intellectual support to the power and do not take the responsibility of any wrong decision taken by the power. Ultimately, the person with power get defeated due to taking wrong decision/plan and get ruined through losing both, power and leadership.

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